Brightfish provides
tailored digital solutions for the
aspiring enterprise. 


Our global expertise includes:

Workforce Training & Development
Customer Care & Engagement
Digital Content & Copy Writing


Our approach is centered
around understanding the vision and
unique perspectives of every client.



What's in our name?

It's a question we are asked often.

Brightfish took its earliest inspiration from a tropical fish aquarium housed at our first office premises. 


The wonderment of aquatic life, sometimes bright, bold, and often going against the tide, these are key traits shared by  aspiring business. 

We inspire companies to be visionary, innovative, and to stay ahead of the pack. 


We offer digital solutions mainly focused on people development and customer engagement including:

  • eLearning interfaces for on-demand training

  • Webinars, and live video instruction 

  • Curated training programs and curriculum design

  • Intuitive chatbot experiences that elevate customer care

  • Feature-rich eManuals and eGuides to demonstrate products

  • Virtual/augmented reality training for immersive learning experiences


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Training Programs that increase employee retention, sales and service capabilities, boost productivity, enforce competitiveness

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learning interfaces

Digital Learning Offering:

Skills assessment

Quizzes and Gamification

On-Demand training 

Online certification

Live Video Lessons


Course by Theme

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digital publishing

Digital Manuals for product demonstration and training

e-Books / e-Guides for inbound lead generation

Digital Newsletters and Publications for brand loyalty

Feature-Rich Sales Decks 

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Features include:

Conversational maturity and natural language processing

Omni Channel Integration

Emotional Intelligence

Autonomous Reasoning

Brand or Industry Specific

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